Eastman Charitable Foundation

Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

Executive Summary


The ECF Board of Trustees approved a strategic plan in April, 2014. The Plan outlines the goals to be accomplished by the Foundation through December, 2016. The following is an overview of on-going projects and planned endeavors for the near future:

  1. Financial Solvency: The ECF will continue to manage its funds responsibly to ensure continued support for on-going charitable activities and to ensure adequate funding is available for additional grant requests and new projects that fall within the scope of the Foundation’s Mission. To that end, the Trustees will:
  • Set annual fund-raising goals
  • Determine advantages/disadvantages of “project specific” fund-raising
  • Increase annual fund-raising activities.
  • Identify local, state, federal and private grant opportunities to fund appropriate projects
  1. Internal Structure – The Foundation is well managed and organized with clear roles and responsibilities for each Trustee. To that end, the Trustees will:
  • Review guiding documents, e.g. Bylaws, MOU, Guidelines for Grants, etc.
  • Consider increasing number of ECF Trustees
  • Specify projects and clearly define roles of each Trustee assigned to the project.
  • Enhance regional awareness of ECF through increased public relations, including complete re-design of the Foundation’s website.  
  1. Charitable Activities – The Foundation continues to fund grant proposals and other activities that support its mission. To that end, the Trustees will:
  • Continue funding the following programs: Annual Symposium, annual ECF Scholarship
  • Consider expanding the Foundation’s mission statement to include health and well-being projects for the benefit of regional residents.
  • Clarify procedure for Eastman Community grant requests with ECA Board of Directors
  • Increase ECF regional involvement through actively funding/supporting new project(s)
  • Conduct all business within the limits of State regulations and guidelines
  • Coordinate and monitor progress for each grant project, including scope of work, dollar amount, reviewing copies of receipts associated with each project, following up on completion dates, etc.
  • Identify and execute one large multi-year project for the benefit of regional residents