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Grant Request Guidelines

The Eastman Charitable Foundation (ECF) will consider grant proposals submitted by organizations within Grantham, Enfield, and Springfield. Proposals will also be accepted from the Eastman Community Association (ECA). As noted below, submission procedures for the ECA differ from those for the three towns.

Funding requests must be consistent with the ECF’s Mission. It may be helpful to refer to the list of grants successfully awarded, which is accessible here. The steps outlined below will inform and assist those entities wishing to apply for an ECF grant.

A. Procedures for Grant Requests Initiated by the Eastman Community Association

The Memorandum of Understanding and the Guidelines for Collaborative Projects agreed to by ECA and ECF shall guide the grant application process for all Eastman Community Association requests. Please follow the procedures outlined below.

  • ECA departments, committees or individual Eastman members wishing to seek financial support from ECF for a specific project involving Eastman must first review the project details with ECA’s General Manager (GM) who will then bring the proposal to the ECA Board;
  • After consultation with the GM, the Board shall consider whether to approve the proposed project for submission to the ECF. If approved, the committee or individual shall complete the required application for submission to ECF following final review by the GM;
  • In its consideration of a specific project, the ECA Board shall consider a number of factors, including the following:
    • The project is not included in the budget for the current fiscal year;
    • b. It is consistent with the submitting committee’s charter and with Plan 2020;
    • c. The project will provide a public benefit to the Eastman community.

The ECF Trustees have responsibility for final approval of the funding request in accordance with ECF’s criteria and mission.  After a grant has been awarded to an ECA entity, steps 2-4 noted in Section B below will apply.  Questions from ECA affiliated entities regarding grant restrictions should be directed to the President of the Eastman Charitable Foundation via Contact page.

B. Procedures for Grant Requests from Grantham, Enfield and Springfield

       1. Refer to ECF Grant Request Application for a description of application procedure and requirements.

2. The ECF Board considers grant requests at each monthly meeting. The organization submitting the grant will receive confirmation upon receipt of application.  Should there be any need for clarifications, the Grant Manager will contact the writer for additional information.

3. Grantees are asked to submit a final project report within a year of receiving the award.  The ECF will contact the grantee within 30 days of the project completion date recorded on the grant application to determine the status of the project. If the project is complete, the grantee will provide the Foundation with a brief report of project outcome and receipts associated with project costs. If the project cannot be completed within the time frame indicated on the grant application, the Board and grantee will establish an alternative date. After an alternative date has been established, the same follow-up procedure will be applied.

4. When a grant is awarded, the recipient(s) will be responsible for maintaining receipts associated with the grant project. If the entire amount of the awarded grant is not expended by the grantee organization, any balance remaining shall be returned to the Foundation.