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ECF Grant Application Packet


Grant Application Packet

 Thank you for your interest in the Foundation. Grant applications are currently accepted throughout the year. The following information is required in order for the application to be considered complete. The Foundation acknowledges receipt of applications. Applicants will generally be notified of funding decisions within 45 days after submitting the grant application.

I. Applicant organization/entity

1. Name and address of organization/entity applying for grant

2. Town/Region served by organization/entity: include a brief overview of your organization’s purpose and governance. List programs and provide a broad description of activities.

3. Name and contact information for person completing the application (please include phone and email).

II. Proposed Project

1. Project title and justification: Briefly describe the proposed project or program for which you are seeking funding. Include justification for funding, e.g. need, intended public benefit, and anticipated impact. Describe how the project fits within ECF’s mission.

2. Project period: estimated start and completion dates.

III. Budget

1. Grant amount being requested from ECF: include any other sources of funding you may have.

2. Attach an estimated budget for the proposed project/program.

3. If the grant proposal is being requested from the Eastman Community Association, please include a project approval letter from the ECA Board of Directors.


Please follow the grant submission directions included in the Grant Application Packet.

Download  here: Grant Application Packet