Promoting environmental stewardship, education and green recreation through grants and scholarships



ECF Grant Criteria

Grant proposals are evaluated according to how well the project:

  • Promotes environmental stewardship that encourages the protection, preservation and study of Eastman Lake, its watershed and neighboring lands in Grantham, Enfield and Springfield, related ponds and tributaries including water resources, marshlands, swamps, woodlands & open spaces, and the plant and animal life therein.
  • Enhances the understanding of the environment and helps residents develop knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and take positive action directed at protecting the watershed and natural systems.
  • Supports, enhances or establishes green recreational resources, programs or activities in the region served.
  • Supports environmental or ecological education.
  • Enhances the relationships and/or collaborations between and among residents, towns, schools/teachers, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and other organizations.

Grant Amounts and Review: ECF will review and consider applications on an open, competitive basis. There is no express limit on the amount of a grant funding that may be requested; however, grants will not usually exceed five thousand dollars U.S. ($5,000 US).

ECF’s decision to fund grant proposals, and the amount of such funding, is determined by the amount of grant dollars available at the time an application package is reviewed and the strength of the proposal as determined by the Review Committee and/or the Board. The Board’s decision is final in all cases.

Who Is Eligible:  Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations; community organizations; schools and school districts; environmental learning centers; and local governments, municipalities or subdivisions thereof, such as commissions or committees, whose primary location or place of business is in Grantham, Enfield, or Springfield. If an organization is not a 501(c)3, it will need to use a designated fiscal agent or explain how the funds they receive will be distributed and controlled.

Exclusions:  The following types of expenditures will generally not be eligible for support:

  • Ordinary operating costs, expenses already incurred, or deficit reduction
  • Political campaigns, elections, lobbying, or any programs or activities relating thereto.
  • ECF may consider supporting grant proposals for non-recurring expenses, such as acquisition costs for capital equipment, funding of a study, or program-related investments.

Questions:  If you have any questions or need more information, please submit a message through the Contact page.

See Grant Request Guidelines sub-menu for specific guidelines and for past grants.