Promoting environmental stewardship, education and green recreation through grants and scholarships

Green Recreation


  • Town of Enfield, Mascoma Lakeside Park Trust Fund. ϖ A grant of $5,000 was awarded to the Town of Enfield in support of the development of Mascoma Lakeside Park. The Town will purchase two lots owned by NH Department of Transportation, make improvements upon the property, and operate the land as a Town of Enfield community park. Future facilities, uses and public events will enhance the ability of area residents to enjoy the lake and promote good stewardship of this natural resource. It’s anticipated that all funding for the Mascoma Lakeside Park project will be accomplished through private and foundation donors by the end of 2019.


  • Shaker Field Dog Park, Enfield. A grant of $2,000 was awarded to the Mascoma Valley Dog Park Supporters, a non-profit organization. The grant provided funds to purchase and plant eight tall red maple trees at the Park, providing shade for users of the recently developed dog park.


  • Grantham Village School Tennis Project. A grant of $2500 was awarded to develop a summer tennis program in Eastman, open to children living in Eastman and Grantham Village School students not living in Eastman.


  • Recreation Park Committee, Town of Grantham. A grant of $2,500 was awarded to help complete the construction of the initial phase of a new ball field, playground, sledding hill, and pavilion.

Grantham Recreation Park Hydroseeding Fall 2009 008


  • Recreation Park Committee, Town of Grantham. A grant of $2,500 was awarded to assist with planning and construction of ball fields and recreational facilities on newly acquired, Town-owned ball field land.