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Fall Forum 2020

​​​The Eastman Charitable Foundation held its ‘virtual’ Fall Forum: “Climate Change in NH,” presented by Sherry Godlewski from the NH Dept. of Environmental Services.  ​Sherry offered current data on the present state and future trends of climate change.  She described actions we can all take to mitigate the effects of climate change in our communities.

To view the video presentation by Ms. Godlewski, click here.

To view the slides only from the presentation, click here.

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About our Presenter:  Sherry Godlewski, Resilience and Adaptation Manager at the NH Department of Environmental Sciences, has been with the agency for 20+ years, and has experience in the water, air, waste, and environmental health programs. She is co-chair of the NH Coastal Adaptation Workgroup and a member of the Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup. Sherry represented NHDES on the NH Coastal Risk and Hazards Commission, served as the Adaptation Workgroup facilitator for the Governor’s Climate Change Policy Task Force, and assisted with the development of the New Hampshire Climate Action Plan. She has an M.S. in Environmental Communication and Administration from Antioch University.

Fall Forum 2020 Poster