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Maple Syrup: A Healthy Alternative

New News!

A presentation at the American Chemical Society annual meeting centered on a project that used 24 existing studies that showed that Maple Syrup may protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases!!!

(text adapted from an article by Karen Foster in “Health Impact News”)
Maple syrup is a nutrient rich alternative to highly processed sugar and sweeteners. Processed sweeteners have no nutritional benefit, while maple syrup contains essential natural vitamins and minerals , such as manganese, zinc, thiamin and calcium. Recent studies have identified 34 additional compounds present in maple syrup that play a key role in maintaining health. Other recent research has identified 13 antioxidants that provide benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and provide defense against the development of certain cancers and Type II diabetes.

Grade B syrup is darker and richer in nutrients than the lighter Grade A. For the highest nutrient factor, choose maple syrup harvested by a small producer and made in small batches. The purest syrup comes from small producers committed to using organic and sustainable practices, such as harvesting sap from maple trees that grow in a diverse forest.

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